The Best for Show Reporting

Coverage of CEDIA Expo ' 99
from Indianapolis, IN, USA, September 22-26

Show Coverage - Part 3

All prices in US dollars.

The Proceed line, also from Madrigal, now includes the PMDT modular DVD transport, which features a fully upgradeable design and retails for $5995.

Internet retailer showed their line of products that includes the Roksan surround-sound processor and five-channel amp. Each piece retails for about $2000.

SimAudio has released their new $5000 Attraction surround-sound processor as part of their Moon series of electronics. All functions available are on the supplied remote control.

Synergy cables come from Synergistic Research, a company well known to audiophiles. President and designer Ted Denney shows the company's high-performance S-Video cables, which can be terminated in the field without solder.

For budget enthusiasts, the $1100 Dimension home-theater system from Audio Specialiste features the D-Sat-2 speakers and D-Sub-110 powered subwoofer.

Spreading the word about Audio Specialiste's extensive line of speaker products is Lee Lareau, who is formerly of NEAR loudspeakers.

Theta Digital's new Dreadnaught amplifier is priced from $6000 to $6300 depending on finish.

SoundStage!'s Jim Causey is shown holding one of the Dreadnaught's amplifier channels.

Thiel showed their new PowerPoint surface-mount loudspeakers that feature Thiel-made coaxial drivers.

No one, and I do mean no one, at Toshiba seemed to know the price of these speakers that they offer. However, it was generally accepted that these were aimed at budget audiophiles. The series features Lineaum tweeters, a high-end design that also trickled into some Radio Shack speakers released a few years ago.

Pioneer claims this to be the thinnest portable DVD player on the market. Priced at $1299, the PDV-LC10 includes S-Video and composite inputs and outputs.

Shown are the Pininfarina One speakers from Alliante with Vela stands. The package retails for $7250 per pair.

  • Show Coverage: Doug Schneider and James Causey
  • Additional Editing: Marc Mickelson
  • Digital Photo Editing: Doug Schneider


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